Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Orkes Keroncong Putrajaya

Orkes Keroncong Putrajaya is one of the most active keroncong groups in Malaysia. Established in the year 2000, the group is led by Abdul Rahim Anuar, 65 who plays guitar.

Other members of the group are Azhar (Keyboard), Wak Ali (Chello),  Osman (Cuk), (Manan (Cak), Rashid (Base Guitar), Yusuf (Flute) and Atan (Violin).

The group has four good keroncong singers. They are Azmi, Amir, Mardiana Alwi and Jamilah Abu Bakar. Occasionally the group also invited other singers for their shows such as Nas Adila, Roy, Hidayah Mustafa and Jabir.

Noramin, who is a former radio broadcaster for Radio Malaysia Kuala Lumpur acts a adviser for the group.

The group has been actively performing keroncong at Laman Seni Putrajaya every last Saturday night of the month since 2008. The group also performs at wedding receptions and corporate functions.

Further information or invitation for the group to perform are welcome.
Please call :
                   H/P   019-2679218  - Abdul Rahim Anuar
                            019-6478180  - Abu Bakar Ismail
                            013-3100256  - Noramin

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